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Short Course and Workshops

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Optional short courses and workshops precede the main Materials Education Symposium.

APRIL 11 MORNING CES EduPack Short Course
APRIL 11 AFTERNOON The New Materials Science and Engineering Database Workshop
APRIL 11 AFTERNOON Beyond CES EduPack - Advanced Teaching and Research with CES Selector Workshop
APRIL 11 AFTERNOON Product Design Workshop with the new PMP database

CES EduPack Short Course

When: April 11 (9am-1pm)

Organiser: Granta Design

Cost: Full Event package includes this course, the Symposium, and any Wednesday Workshop.

Note: attendees will need to bring their own laptop computers for the hands-on sessions, and will be provided with the new CES EduPack software. Please ensure this is a Windows machine and that you have administrator privileges.

Who is the course for?

Anyone new to the CES EduPack teaching resources, or seeking a refresher. Professors, Lecturers, and Program Directors of university and college courses related to materials and manufacturing.  The course is relevant to the following disciplines: mechanical engineering; production engineering; aerospace engineering; materials science and engineering; industrial and product design; polymer science and engineering; eco-engineering; chemical engineering; bio-engineering; and architecture and the built environment.

What is the course about?

CES EduPack has been created by Professor Mike Ashby of Cambridge University and his colleagues over the past 20 years. Both the resources that it provides and the ideas that it implements are valuable to educators across a broad range of engineering-related courses, and from first to final-year teaching. They have been used to support and reinforce existing courses that use a variety of teaching approaches and texts, as well as in the design of new courses.

The course will show, through lectures interspersed with hands-on tutorial sessions using the software, how such resources can assist materials teaching.

  • Learn about a highly visual, interactive and systematic material selection methodology
  • Discover how to support the teaching of Eco Design and Sustainability from a materials perspective
  • Find out about material selection with conflicting criteria (eg. cost, mass, and performance)
  • Get one month's access to all CES EduPack databases and editions.

Outline Agenda

09:00 Registration & refreshments
09:30 Course opens—Welcome, Introductions, Granta's Education Hub and Agenda Review
09:45 Getting Started with CES EduPack
Learn how to engage students using our interactive, visual software, with access to reliable materials data including hands-on exercises.
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Materials Selection: translation, screening, ranking
Discover the basics of systematic materials selection methodology, teaching transferable skills to your students, including hands-on exercises.
12:00 Tools for Materials Development and Innovative Design
Discover the Eco Audit Tool enabling life-cycle thinking and eco design to support material selection for greener products. Create hybrids and composites with the Synthesizer Tool.
13:00 Lunch

Workshop: Beyond CES EduPack – advanced teaching and research with CES Selector

When: April 11 (2pm-5pm)

Cost: Adds £110 to Symposium fee; included in full event fee

Workshop Leaders: Dr. Charlie Bream and Dr. Jorge Sobral


This session provides an introduction to the CES Selector software, used in industry and research for materials selection and decision-making, and to support advanced teaching of materials.

CES Selector is the industrial version of CES EduPack, used to select and compare materials in industry, research and advanced teaching. Here the primary aim is to help people to quickly identify candidate materials, so they can justify and focus their development efforts on the most promising solutions. To support this, CES Selector includes additional efficiency tools that let you get to results and make decisions faster and more effectively. These include the ‘Performance Index Finder’ that enables material indices to be quickly defined and plotted, the ‘Find Similar’ tool for finding drop-in replacements with minimal information on the design requirements, ‘Comparison tables’ for identifying the differences between materials or ‘key’ properties that you may have overlooked, as well as CES Constructor, a software toolkit that lets you add your own data and modify existing databases in the platform.

In the workshop, you will:

  • Enjoy case studies showing how the tools and features are used to solve real industrial problems
  • See demonstrations on how constructor can be used to create and edit databases
  • Try the software in hands-on exercises, with a time-limited license.

At the conclusion of the workshop, you should be able to:

  1. Use the Performance Index Finder to select materials efficiently
  2. Set reference materials and make comparison tables, showing nearness
  3. Understand ways that materials can be replaced, for different reasons
  4. Start using constructor to create and modify databases in the CES platform.

More information on CES Selector >

Workshop: The New Materials Science and Engineering Database

When: April 11 (2pm-5pm)

Cost: Adds £110 to Symposium fee; included in full event fee

Workshop Leaders: Prof. Mike Ashby


Experience suggests that learning is better achieved by discovery for oneself than by passive listening. The CES EduPack Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) Package is a set of resources that allows students to explore the relationships between the Processing, Structure and Properties of materials and sets challenges for them to do so. The package includes data for the Elements, for Structural, Functional and Biological materials, for Processes for shaping, joining and finishing, and interactive Tools to aid understanding of phase diagrams and to stimulate exploration of the process-structure-property relationships. It sets Exercises (with worked solutions available for instructors) and suggested Micro-projects that stimulate discovery.

The tone: informal throughout. The aim: a rewarding and enjoable afternoon with shared experience.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn more about the CES EduPack database and tool overview with an introduction to the new MS&E functionality.
  • Take an active part in practical exercises on the main parts of MS&E. This includes binary phase diagrams of the most widely used engineering alloys and a tool to explore terminology as well as microstructures of selected phases. It also includes data to investigate modification of properties by processing. This contains seven sets of records chosen to visualize how processes such as alloying, heat treatment, mechanical working, sintering and foaming, change mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

At the conclusion of this workshop, you should be able to:

  1. Use the new interactive phase diagram tools in the MS&E database
  2. Explore new visual ways to approach process-property relationships
  3. Find and use our functional materials data in the extended database

Workshop: Product Design Workshop with the new PMP database

When: April 11 (2pm-5pm)

Cost: Adds £110 to Symposium fee; included in full event fee

Workshop Leaders: Dr. Claes Fredriksson and Magda Figuerola


The workshop will introduce the Products, Materials and Processes (PMP) database, which is a product-centered platform to learn about materials, manufacturing and design. This software, available as an extra database, to add onto CES EduPack 2018, that combines engineering data with a highly visual interface, developed with designers in mind. It includes many new data records of famous products and, for example, sensorial properties for material selection. In the workshop, we will use this intuitive resource in a practical design activity. This can be inspirational and useful in Product development or Industrial design courses as well as in many introductory engineering classes.

At the conclusion of this workshop, you should be able to:

  1. Use the new visual interface to find and use data in the PMP database
  2. Explore new ways to approach materials and processes from a product perspective
  3. Switch between the Designer’s view and Engineer’s view of materials data

Course and Workshop Presenters

CES EduPack Course Leader and MSE Workshop Leader:
Professor Mike Ashby, University of Cambridge

Mike Ashby, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, is a world-renowned authority on engineering materials being the author/co-author of best-selling textbooks and of over 200 papers on topics including the mechanisms of plasticity and fracture, powder compaction, mechanisms of wear, methodologies for materials selection, and the modeling of material shaping processes. He is recipient of numerous awards and honors including Fellow of the Royal Society and Member of the American Academy of Engineering.

  Mike Ashby

CES EduPack Course Presenter and Product Design Workshop Leader:
Dr Claes Fredriksson, Education Divsion, Granta Design

Claes Fredriksson has more than 15 years’ experience teaching Materials-related subjects to undergraduate and post graduate students in Sweden, Canada, Belgium and the U.S.A, mainly in Mechanical Engineering. After gaining an MSc in Engineering Physics and PhD in Theoretical Physics he worked in both theoretical and experimental research on polymers, metals and biomaterials. He has a passion for teaching and won a grant as part of Sweden’s Excellence in Teaching Program to enable him to teach in the U.S.A. and facilitate the cross-pollination of pedagogical approaches.

  Claes Fredriksson

Product Design Workshop Leader:
Magda Figuerola, Education Division, Granta Design

Magda is our Senior Materials and Design Specialist in the Education Products Developments Team at Granta Design. She holds a MSc in UX (User Experience), a BEng Industrial Design Engineering, a MSc in Materials Engineering and a MEng in Project Development for Product Engineering. Her work industrial experience in diverse range of Engineering and Design renown companies with her educational background, gives valuable insights into the technical aspects of design.

  Magda Figuerola

CES Selector Workshop Leader:
Dr Charlie Bream, Granta Design

Charlie is Senior Product Manager for CES Selector at Granta Design. After completing his PhD on recycling of thermoset composites at Brunel University, he spent 14 years in industry working on the development of lightweight materials and structures for British Aerospace (Space Systems), Pera International, and NXT before joining Granta in 2007.

  Charlie Bream

CES Selector Workshop Leader:
Dr Jorge Sobral, Education Divsion, Granta Design

Jorge Sobral has a background in biomedical engineering with a M.Sc. in Biomaterials and Biomechanics and a PhD in Materials Science at the University of Cambridge. His technical background is multidisciplinary, and he has been part of several successful research projects, particularly in the field of bone tissue engineering and medical devices. Currently he manages the account management team and works with research oriented universities in the USA, Brazil and Portugal. He has also been involved in the Materials Genome Initiative in the USA.

  Jorge Sobral