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5th North American Materials Education Symposium

Like the talks, the poster sessions allow educators to share ideas and resources for materials-related teaching. There is no restriction based on particular approaches or the use of any particular resources, but there will be an emphasis on the event themes

  • Main theme: Materials and Sustainable Development Education
  • Sub-theme 1: Materials Across Disciplines
  • Sub-theme 2: Teaching Materials and Sustainable Development

Posters displaying student work would be welcome. Key suggested themes: Campus sustainability; Team projects; Education.

Presenters will have the opportunity to give a one-minute overview of their work to all delegates during the 'Poster Teaser' sessions. If your poster is accepted, you are also welcome to attend the Presenters' Dinner.

Poster Abstracts

Download the event booklet (PDF) »

Listed alphabetically by first author—last updated February 5, 2014

Author Affiliation Abstract Title
Harvey Abramowitz Purdue University Calumet, USA Visualization of Ternary Phase Diagrams in 3D
Dr. Claes Fredriksson Education Division, Granta Design, UK Computer-based Support in the Teaching of Product Development
Dr. Surojit Gupta Mechanical Engineering, University of North Dakota, USA Novel Senior Design Projects for Developing Better Understanding of Sustainable Materials Manufacturing
Dr. William Heffner Lehigh University, USA Low-cost experimental program in glass science using candy glass
Elisabeth Kahlmeyer Education Division, Granta Design, UK Visualization of Materials Knowledge and Concepts
Dr. Ayse Kilic Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Faculty, İstanbul Technical University, Turkey Problem Solving and Design Based Approach of Material Selection in  Materials Engineering Education
Dr. Lan Li Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Boise State University, USA Computational Training in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Curriculum
Prof. Jianyu Liang Mechanical Engineering Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA Developing Inquiry-based Interdisciplinary Nanobiotechnology Laboratory Experience for Undergraduate Students in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Majors
Krista Limmer Missouri University of Science and Technology ICME Education at Missouri S&T
Michelle Rushe Education Division, Granta Design, UK New Granta’s Teaching Resources Website 2.0
Dr. Maria Eugenia Noguez Dept of Metallurgical Engineering, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico Lectures on the  Social and Political Life of the Native  Country  in a Course on  Materials and Sustainable Development Course.
Ana Pereira-Medrano Education Division, Granta Design, UK Resources to Support Bio-Engineering Teaching and Research
Alison Polasik The Ohio State University, USA A New Three-Year Computational MSE Lab Sequence at The Ohio State University
Dr. Rebecca Rosenblatt Department of Physics, Illinois State University, USA Usefulness of small reading-based intervention for teaching non-engineers mechanical properties.
Dr. Rebecca Rosenblatt Department of Physics, Illinois State University, USA Student Difficulties Using Graphs Required for a Materials Science Course
Rob Sawatzky British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada Sustainable Trades Training in Institutes of Technology
Prof. Mary Wells Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada Integrating knowledge and concepts of sustainability in a mechanical engineering curriculum via an engineering clinic concept