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2018 Costs and Options
9th North American Materials Education Symposium

2018 Costs

Package LOYaLTY Rate *
FEb 28, 2018
MAY 18, 2018
RATES After MAY 19, 2018
Full event (Symposium & Short Course) $560 $595 $655
Symposium only (Thursday & Friday) $375 $395 $435
Symposium 1 day (Thursday only or Friday only) $200 $230 $280
CES EduPack Short Course only $265 $285 $325
Symposium Dinner (Per person, for delegates & guests) $65 $65 $65

* The Loyalty Rate is available to past attendees who are re-registering using the supplied voucher code.

Additional options

In addition to the two-days of the Symposium itself, you are also invited to join the Symposium dinner, various social events, and to take part in the short course which will precede the main event. The courses will be led by Professor Mike Ashby. Whereas the main Symposium presentations cover all aspects of materials-related teaching, these optional courses introduce and demonstrate the use of CES EduPack.

Note: Conference slides will be made available to participants after the event: photography will not be permitted during the main session.